Jan 112012

Happy New Year everyone! Now’s the time for me to go over some of my favourite weddings from last year that I didn’t get time to blog about due to the constant flow of weddings that seemed to put a spanner in the works in regards to my blog page :-0

I know I sound like a bit of a scratched record…but covering a wedding at The RSA, The Strand, London is always one of my favourite places to attend a wedding so I have to include this one of Anna & Patrick, who also turned into one of my most memorable couples! They were so relaxed and fun to work with on the day. They held their wedding in The RSA’s ‘Great Room’ which was adorned by the most amazing paintings. This the first time I’d actually been upstairs to this room for a ceremony and I was pleasantly surprised by the ambient light and the whole feel to the place. The RSA has some really good ceremony rooms but I think this one has to be the best in my opinion. The couple didn’t want me to cover any getting ready shots so I spent a while beforehand shooting Patrick having a fair few drinks in The Strand Palace Hotel just across the road from the RSA.

After the drinks all the guests arrived at the RSA and filtered up the elaborate staircase and into the Great Room where I covered one of the most emotional ceremonies ever with the bridesmaids brought to tears and clutching onto their tissues! Anna & Patrick were taking the brave step of moving out to Quatar so it wasn’t surprising emotions were running high.

We then filtered down to the outside rear entrance of the RSA where the steps are to do the group shots I’d been asked to cover. It was funny as everyone was waiting for the stragglers and it just happened to be a lady on crutches who’d broken her leg and I felt really sorry for her as they were all poking fun at her for taking so long! Made a nice picture anyway and I don’t think she minded ūüôā

After this just me and the bride and groom took a stroll down The Strand and down the back streets to get some natural arty shots of them using the lovely arches and architecture as a backdrop. We went back to the RSA after this where everyone had adjourned in The Crypt in the basement, which is really cool as you wouldn’t have any idea you were in the heart of London as it’s so different from the hustle and bustle brimming with tourists just steps away. The wedding finished off in the Benjamin Franklin room where the couple enjoyed their wedding breakfast followed by some hilarious speeches!

Anyway…I’ve rambled on way too much so please enjoy my selection of images from the day.

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