Nov 082011

I know I still haven’t put more weddings up yet but couldn’t resist putting this party video online from last Friday night.
I covered if for a friend of mine who wanted to surprise her parents and throw them a party to celebrate their 60th (both parents turned 60) birthday.
It was obvious by the speechless expressions on their faces that they had NO idea of what was going on until they suddenly saw all their loved ones under one roof at O’Grady’s Irish Bar in Ilford, Essex.

Anyway…here it is. So anyone wanting any birthday parties or Xmas parties that are coming up covered make sure you let me know as it makes a nice change sometimes changing the agenda to celebrations other than weddings! Not saying I don’t love covering weddings but it’s nice to also do party photography in the Winter months occasionally.

Oh…if you’re viewing this on an iPad or iPhone it won’t show up as you need flash!

Joe  – Photography by ImageCapture – Wedding Photographers Enfield, Wedding Photographers Essex, Wedding Photographers London & UK


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