Jun 082011

I really have to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been so rushed off my feet with weddings and events that I haven’t had a minute spare to add anything.
I haven’t really got time to write this now so will just add my long awaited St.Pauls Cathedral wedding from April (I know 2 months ago!) video slideshow and will have to add the images at a later date when I have time to catch up!!

Another factor that has really knocked me sideways is my very dearest friend of 20 years passed away recently and this has as you can imagine been a massive blow to me…but I’ve thrown myself into my work and have carried on creating and capturing those moments like ever before. I’ll be posting more weddings soon…

Dean and Jen got married in the prestigious St.Pauls Cathedral and I was really chuffed they decided to go with me as their photographer on the day as it’s a venue I’ve always yearned to work in. It was very restrictive however and I wasn’t allowed to cover the ceremony or use flash anywhere in the building so had to rely on my amazing Nikon D3 and it’s low light capabilities. For the reception however I could use flash so set up my off camera lights and got some lovely natural looking images although it was really dark in there.

Anyway….back to my editing of 3 weddings so better add this and rush off.
Here’s their video-enjoy!

Joe  – Photography by ImageCapture – Wedding Photographers Enfield, Wedding Photographers Essex, Wedding Photographers London & UK

Here are a selection of my favourite images from Dean and Jen’s day-hope you like them 🙂
Check out the 3rd image along-it was like something out of the Da Vinci Code and the Opus Dei down in the Crypt!
As usual, make sure you click the image once and then once again to make it full size.


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